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PostoPosto leverages our team’s extensive expertise in the cross border freight and logistics world to create a global shopping forwarding service that makes online shopping in Singapore as easy, accessible, and affordable as it should be.


By providing a safe, reliable and free Malaysian, Indonesian, Australian and US mailing address for online shopping, we eliminate any high costs or logistical barriers that are usually tied to the experience of buying online from Singapore. With PostoPosto, you can just buy anywhere like a local, consolidate your orders and have them shipped to your door in Singapore.

Amazon and eBay in Singapore

By signing up to create a free account at PostoPosto, you’ll get access to an Amazon and eBay link that will let
you buy as if you were based in the USA. The same goes for other US-based marketplaces. If you buy like a
local, you pay like a local, so you’ll see your shipping costs going dramatically lower. In a nutshell, we make
online shopping in Singapore become a truly global experience.

Consolidate, Send, Enjoy

Buy from Amazon, eBay, and other marketplaces and get all orders condensed and shipped to your door in Singapore as one. You’ll no longer need to pay for multiple orders’ shipping costs, which often cost more than the actual products. With PostoPosto, you get your orders’ shipping experience consolidated, priced locally, sent globally, and swiftly dispatched to your door so that you don’t need to wait long to enjoy what you buy.