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How PostoPosto Works

We’re committed to something big: making global online shopping in Singapore easy and affordable for you. Here’s how we do it and how you can use PostoPosto services.

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Sign up for a free PostoPosto account

Once you sign up for your account, you’ll be provided a personalized Malaysian, Indonesian, Australian or US address that you can use for online shopping.


It’s as simple as that: you’ll instantly be allowed to start shopping as if you were a local in any of these countries!

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Integrated Checkout

Your purchases are condensed by PostoPosto, so you complete your checkout and payment process from your PostoPosto


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A Great Offer No Strings Attached

If you sign up today for your new PostoPosto account, you’ll get 15% off your first shipment. That’s our way of thanking you for joining us. However, we also want you to know that you can create a PostoPosto account without ordering anything immediately. Just create your account and feel free to explore!

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Transparent Costs

Face no surprises, keep away from hidden costs. PostoPosto offers you a transparent, affordable, and straightforward service: what you’re charged in your checkout process is what you have to pay. Right there, no
more, no less. That’s the peace of mind you get to enjoy with PostoPosto.

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Shop Locally from Multiple Marketplaces

From your PostoPosto account, you’ll be able to buy from Amazon, eBay, and other US-based, Australian-based,

Malaysian-based and Indonesian-based marketplaces using your PostoPosto local addresses for each one of your purchases.

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Receive Your Orders At Home

Browse, buy, checkout, and pay from PostoPosto.

And that’s it. You’ll have shopped globally, and we’ll ship it to you locally—you’ll get a secure, reliable and swift shipping forwarding service working to deliver your orders to your doorstep in Singapore.

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